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A treatise on the two wheel nomadic lifestyle.

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    Sunday, July 05, 2015

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Handlebars for Touring/Trekking

Modolo Dumbo Customizable Trekking Handlebar
I opted for the Modolo Dumbo Customizable Trekking Handlebar for use on the Sun Atlas Cargo bike for the extra cockpit room and adjustable aspects.
Butterfly Handlebars
This butterfly bar is similar to the Modolo Yuma Traveller but I don't have any particulars on it. It was purchased on close-out sale from Velo Orange.
Nitto Moustache Handlebars
These are my Nitto Moustache Handlebars fully modified. I cut and filed an extra set of Tektro brakes and hoods to use for an alternate hand position, put a padded leather automobile steering wheel cover over the bar, taped the brake cables down and wrapped the finished bars in brown cloth velox bar tape. Not for everyone but they work for me. :)

Posted By deserthawk on 2013-03-02 17:55:57.0 | Equipment
71 comments | Reads: 4126 | Printer friendly page

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